Games on the wiki can range from different types. Here are the different game types:

Normal Games

Normal Games are regular games that anyone can join. These are mainly for fun.

Ranked Games ♥

Ranked games can only be played by users with over 2,000 edits on the wiki. When a ranked game is made, it MUST have a ♥ symbol (Copy and Paste if needed) next to it so we can identify it. Ranked Games are for a competition. Every time you win a ranked game, you get 1 ranked point. (To be named on your ranked page)

To earn ranked points, you must set up a ranked page for yourself in the forum page. Make the post with your username, and on the page, state that your current amount of edits as you make it, and then make a small section for the ranked games you play. Every time you win a ranked game, put the link on your post so we can keep track of your winnings.

Competitive Games ◙

Competitive games can only be played by users with 10 ranked points or more. After a game is over, the winner recieves a competitive point. These games are for pure competition, so only games such as survivor are allowed to be competitive. Competitive games must have a ◙ next to the name in order to be considered competitive.


Trophies are awarded to users with a lot of comp points. After a few months, a round drawing will be put up for all users. If you have enough competitive points, you may register on the blog saying you'd like a trophy. Your comp points will remain even after awarded your trophy. Users may only have one trophy at a time.

White Ribbon - 5 Comp points

Red Ribbon - 10 Comp points

Blue Ribbon - 15 Comp points

Bronze Trophy - 20 Comp points

Silver Trophy - 30 Comp points

Gold Trophy - 50 Comp points

Platinum Trophy - 100 Comp points

How to win trophies?

To win trophies and play competitive games for points, you need to set yourself up with a comp player page on the forumpage for it.

Create a post with the title being your username.

On the post, add a section for competitive camps you have won. This ensures that you're being honest so we can give you your trophies. REMEMBER, if you don't have 10 ranked points, you cannot play a competitive game or make yourself a competitive page.

Every time you win a competitive camp, you add the link to your list so we can keep track of your winnings, just as you would a ranked game.