This is a sample roleplay to go by. Anything to note will be in italics. A description will go here.


In a world full of danger and wander, two people live in the dangerous world of Kah. There, they must fight the evil warlords of Kah. If they succeed, they will be the new rulers of the world.


  1. (Name) - (Username)
  2. (Name) - (Username)
  3. John - 1dra7

Chapter 1/Challenge 1/Day 1Edit

The Name of this heading can be whatever the RP will go by, be it Days, Challenges, Chapters, whatever.

A field of trees stands in front of John and his gang. Animals scurry across the ground.

"What's going on?" John asks.

'John asks' is the ending of the first roleplayer's turn. They can go on as long as they want, as long as it isn't spam. They could even add in an action afterwards.

"Nothing," says (Name). (Name) looks at the ground and picks up an acorn.

This is an example of a statement by a user, (Name), who performs an action. These go on much like a book.

The ground shakes beneath them.

This is an example of an action event. They don't always need to be in bold. In fact, they can be in any type. This gives your story flow, and the users in it can know what's going on.

This is the end of the sample roleplay. There isn't much to know about it, really. It's self explanatory.