This is the rules page. These rules cover creation and behavior rules.

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  • To create a roleplay, simply create a page on the home page. You must have a good description of your game so people will join!
  • For a custom character of yours, create a page for them. This can include their biography, age, etc. Be creative with your character!
  • For competition roleplays, no team pages, alliance pages, etc, will be made.
  • You cannot make any roleplays about Pokemon. These cause tons of issues, and sometimes can drive people away.
  • Be nice to all users.
  • Do not fight on here or on talk pages. If a fight starts, contact an admin to handle the situation.
  • No vandalizing pages. If you are not in a game that is available, do not edit that page unless allowed to.
  • No fanfictions. These are games. Any stories will need to be moved to another website.
    • Note that this does NOT include roleplays where you have writing competitions.
  • As weird as it sounds, you cannot quit a game once you join it. Quitting takes away the fun of the game.
  • Try to be active! Joining a game and not coming on when it begins is not fun at all. If you are inactive, you will be taken out of the camp.
  • No advertising your RP. This includes posting it on a talk page. You CAN make a blog about it, but it can't just say "Join my RP {link} "
  • No cussing without using * to censor it.
  • An admin is needed to handle situations. Do not refuse to handle one. If another admin is on at the time, you can tell the reporter to talk to them instead.
  • Follow all basic rules.
  • There is no over-excessive foul language on chat.
  • No Spamming pictures, words, Zalgo Text, etc. of any kind.
  • You are allowed to advertise a roleplay here but just don't do it excessively.
  • Respect everyone on chat. There will be no fighting or harassment.

Any new rules can be added at any time.