Mysterious Planet

The mysterious planet.

It is the year 7,000 and the human race has expanded to the far reaches of space. The Shadow Proclimation, (posh name for space police), has discovered something odd. There is a new planet in the omega solar system, but it seems to have come out of nowhere. It has sent rumors throughout the universe on where it came from. Many of the shadow proclimation's top agents have come to investigate it, as well as some other aliens and fortune seekers. What is so mysterious about this planet? And what secrets does it hold?


Unlimited. Please put your name, race, stereotype, shadow proclimation sent?, and user.

  1. Captian Jack Harkness-human-The Immortal Flirter-Yes-Scienceboy0
  2. Kendra, human, Science Nerd, no, JLOM or Jay --

Starship to Mysterious Planet (Pre-Chat)Edit

The Shadow Proclimation has set up a fleet of starships to take anyone who wants to go to the mysterious planet there.

Jack isstanding in from of ship. "Come on!" he says. "Everyone keep it moving! Get on here!"

"Hi, Jack!" Kendra says to the handsome man. "I don't know what's out there, but if you're with me, I'd love to go exploring!"

"Same to you." Says Jack, with a handsom look on his face. "Now get in the ship. Pick any seat you want."

"Sweet!" coos Kendra, who then takes a seat close behind the captain's chair and buckles in.