Katie (Jess)
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Relationship Harrison (Boyfriend back home)
Family Father, Mother, Sisters, Brother
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Losing
Talent Sports, Flirting, Making Friends

Katie is a character labled The Athletic Cutie. She is a custom character by TDALindsayfan1.

Currently InEdit

The Wiki Games


Katie has just begun her journey of all tournaments, so she has no history, yet.


Katie is the middle child of five. Being nicer than her older twin sister, not as smart as her older twin sister's twin, and not as cute as her baby siblings, Katie has always been the one her parents forgot. Katie has been a tomboy since birth. But since her parents were always busy, Katie was forced to play with the neighborhood hot guys, as called by Jessica (her meaner older sister). Katie sometimes likes the boys' attention, especially when they only listen to her. Katie is also a loner at school with the girls. They all see her as a gross tomboy. Katie is well-liked by the athletic boys, making the girls jealous. Katie has left home on a journey of tournaments.