Welcome to Italy, where the Castle of Masune stands. The headmaster and owner, Masune Marston, has invited some of his closest friends to attend a dinner party in honor of his inheritance of the castle. But not all is well in this castle, as some of the house guests aren't who they seem to be.


  • No complaining if you die. This is a death-related roleplay. It's in the name of fun.
  • No cheating in any way shape or form.
  • You do not need to make a character page if you desire not to.
  • This game is script form.

Sign Up:Edit

1. Marshal - HockeyHero

2. Harriet - Sierrastalker

3. Dorothy - Sunsummer7

4. Zach - Dra

5. Skele - Hybrid Shadow

6. Drake - Drakeforty





List of Workers:Edit

Masune (Headmaster)


This is a prechat for the incoming houseguests to get aquainted. This is the courtyard, where a fountain greets you near the massive double doors of the castle. Wait to be greeted by Masune.

Dorothy: Hey everyone! :)