Celeste (Jess)
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Relationship TBA
Family Father, Mother
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Spiders
Talent Singing, Being Quiet

Celeste is a character labeled as The Shy Beauty.

Currently InEdit




Celeste is the youngest daughter of two very loving parents. Celeste may be the most beautiful girl to ever live on Earth. In fact, she's been nearly everwhere around the world, and was voted the most beautiful girl on it. Celeste loves school and does quite well, getting A's in every class. Also, she is quite popular in school for being beautiful and smart. She's been the class President since second grade and has won the role over others in higher grades. Celeste is very shy, though. She dislikes the attention. In fact, she's never actually made a speech or wanted to run for President. She justs wants to be left alone.

Celeste signed up for Total Drama to make friends that don't think she's just beautiful and smart, but also kind and sweet.